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First-Aid is the immediate medical assistance given to any person in emergency situations like accidental injuries or sudden ailments. First-Aid kit is a collection of medicines and equipment that helps to provide quick relief and support that, in turn, can prevent the situation from worsening. First-Aid kit should be organised and properly stocked so as to be ‘up to date’ because medicines and certain medical equipment need to be replaced after a certain period of time.

We provide Stock Supplies with Periodic Checks:

My Chemist offers customised first-aid kits with painkillers, ointments, bandages, dressings, etc. as per the customer’s choice and requirement. With our resources and team of expert pharmacists, we fulfil the First-Aid and other medicinal requirements on a larger scale, such as, for Corporates, RWAs & Schools. We also have provision for special discount on medicines purchased monthly from MyChemist as an exclusive offer for corporate employees and residents through RWAs.


Services We Offer:

First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits

Regular supply of medicines
for general ailments

Periodic checks of medicines
for date of expiry

First aid kitIntimation for First-Aid kit
refill requirements

Supply of Basic Health

Health CheckupOccasional Health Check-up
Camps in collaboration
with Pathology Labs

Payment Modes
Medicine Home Delivery
All medicines gurgaon

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